KickstART Farmington (KSF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization based in Farmington Hills, Michigan (formerly known as Absinthe Arts 21).

KSF is a multi-disciplinary arts organization building community through the arts by presenting local events, supporting the work of area writers and artists, and collaborating with others in our Farmington/Hills community to develop a vibrant and diverse arts scene.

KSF brings fun, collaborative, and unique film, theatre, music, and visual & literary arts programming to the Farmington/Hills community and beyond. KickstART Farmington hosts the KickstART Gallery & Artisan Shop, an art gallery and events space at 23616 Farmington Road (reopening soon). Within the next five to seven years KickstART Farmington aims to build or redevelop a space in downtown Farmington to accommodate a dedicated art gallery, a performing arts and film theater, studio space for visiting artists, classrooms for educational opportunities, and more. Meet our committed and hard-working Board of Directors here.   

We believe that art is for all. We believe you can experience great art and great artists right here in our community. 

Art, whether it be visual or literary art, music or theater, can develop our understanding of what it means to be human, what it means to live in a particular place and time, and inspire us to create a better world.

Get in touch with us at or contact our director at

KickstART Farmington is supported in part by the MICHIGAN ARTS AND CULTURE COUNCIL and the NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS.

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      1. I believe we met at the gallery some time ago. I’m a local artist (and friend of Linda Pelowski) and I have read some of the interviews. I’d love to be featured also. I’m a figurative artist and portraitist. My website is not serviceable currently but you can see some old images from a site no longer active at the website line below. Just know it is not current. I believe I received an email pertaining to the artist interviews but was not able to respond at that time. My old website opens with a self portrait showing me painting a group portrait. There are other Boettcher’s art sites out there. I want you to get the right one. Thanks. Kathy

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