KickstART Gallery & Artisan Shop is currently closed as we await the opening of our new space at 23616 Farmington Road in downtown Farmington.

We will be looking for professional artists to submit work to be sold in our artisan shop when we reopen. We seek work in various media, including painting, fiber, sculpture, printing, jewelry, pottery, mixed media, etc. More information on this opportunity soon. Download our consignment agreement HERE.

We are grateful for the kind support of the Oakland County Department of Economic Development and Community Affairs. The KickstART Gallery & Artisan Shop is supported in part by the MICHIGAN ARTS AND CULTURE COUNCIL and the NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS.

7 thoughts on “KickstART Gallery & Artisan Shop

  1. Excited to see the new space/gallery……congratulations to all……..could we have more specific location (in addition to address) and where it is in relation to GR/Farmington Road…..what is it near….is it a storefront?

  2. I see nowhere how to send information to have my art displayed. I am hard of hearing and find it difficult to talk on the phone

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