Take in Some Art at Ladies Night Out in Downtown Farmington

Tonight is Ladies Night Out in downtown Farmington and you’ll also have a great opportunity to see some art at a pop-up gallery featuring work by artists Pamela Alexander,  Susan Warner and Cindy Carlton.

More information is available here.

Pick up the Official Posters for the 2015 and 2014 GFFF

You can still pick up our very limited edition posters from 2015 and 2014. Both have been signed by the artists: John Martin for the 2015 GFFF poster and Mary Lou Stropoli for the 2014 GFFF poster. 

Order at the Greater Farmington Film Festival web site.

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10 Good Reasons to See BELLE AND SEBASTIAN at the 2015 Greater Farmington Film Festival

Belle & SebastienYes, you’ll want to see ALL the films at the 2015 Greater Farmington Film Festival but here are 10 good reasons to see Belle and Sebastian on Sunday, March 8th, at 3:00 pm at the Memorial Holocaust Center.

1.   Belle and Sebastian‘s director, Nicolas Vanier, is a French adventurist, writer and wildlife documentary director whose past experience includes filming in some of the coldest parts of the world: the Yukon in Canada and Siberia. The film Belle and Sebastian, with its panoramic vistas of mountain ranges and sweeping landscapes, definitely shows off Vanier’s penchant for the outdoors. Eric Guichard, the film’s cinematographer, has won a Cesar Award for Best Cinematography and a European Film Award for Best Cinematographer.

2.   Love to travel? This adventure film will get your travel juices flowing. Who wouldn’t love to visit the lovely French Alps in person? From the very first scene, you will marvel at the majestic scenery presented in spectacular color.

3.   If you love dogs or are thinking about adding a dog to your family, you can check out the great Pyrenean Mountain Dog breed featured in this film. One look at the majestic Belle in all her glory, you just might end up wanting one of these big dogs for your very own!

4.   Rekindle your love of foreign films. European films have a different look and feel than American films. Belle and Sebastian is in French, with English sub-titles.

5.   Simply put, this is a feel-good family-friendly movie about the unbreakable friendship between a boy and his dog. It doesn’t get any better than this.

6.   Are you a WWII history buff? The film is set in 1943, and France is under occupation by Germany. Some residents of the small village are helping Jewish refugees cross through the mountains over the border into neutral Switzerland.

7.   Did we mention the awesome scenery in this film yet? The snowy French Alps in the Haute-Maurienne-Vanoiseare region of France along the the French/Swiss border are prominently featured. This film was shot in beautiful 35mm, lending itself well to the outdoor scenery.

8. The Holocaust Memorial Center is a nationally renowned  museum whose mission is to to remember those who perished and survived the Holocaust and to set forth the lessons of the Holocaust as a model for teaching ethical conduct and responsible decision-making. Take some time to arrive before the film starts and attend the 1:00 pm tour, lasting about 1.5 hours, and often concluded with a presentation by a Holocaust survivor.

9. Tcheky Karyo is one of France’s most popular actors, and an adorable Félix Bossuet in the role of Sebastian is a must-see. Karyo plays César, Sebastian’s prickly, yet compassionate adopted grandfather. Both will reprise their roles in “Belle et Sebastien, l’aventure continue,” coming out this year.

10. This film is director Vanier’s adaptation of a well-known French children’s story, Belle et Sébastien, written by French actress/author Cécile Aubry in the early 1960s. In addition to this film, it was recreated as a live-action television series in France, a Japanese anime series in the 1980s and a Scottish pop music group takes it’s name after the beloved characters. Aubry’s son, actor Mehdi El Glaoui, who starred in the live-action series as a boy, appears in this version as André.

Check out the trailer below and purchase your tickets at the Farmington Civic Theater, Costick Center, or online at the festival web site.

10 Good Reasons to See FED UP at the 2015 Greater Farmington Film Festival

Fed-Up-PosterYes, you’ll want to see ALL the films at the 2015 Greater Farmington Film Festival but here are 10 good reasons to see Fed Up on Saturday, March 7th, at 7:00 pm at the Farmington Civic Theater.

1. Discover for yourself why The Wrap said Fed Up “Unearths the dirty secret of the American food industry.”

2. Hear journalist and author Katie Couric narrate the film. Couric, who has been interested in health and nutrition news since her coverage of the topic on the Today Show, is also a producer of the film.

3. Learn why USA Today called Fed Up “The movie that will change the way people think about eating.”

4. Listen to former President Bill Clinton discuss the long-term health damages Americans are facing with too much sugar intake.

5. Learn why you don’t see daily value percentages for sugar listed on federally mandated nutrition labels.

6. Listen to Michael Pollan, a well-respected journalist and author known for such books as In Defense of Food, talk about how preparing your own meals helps you avoid the health hazards of too much sugar.

8. See the movie that was nominated for a Grand Jury prize at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

9. Learn why Mark Bittman, a well-known food author and journalist for the New York Times, compares the behavior of junk food companies to that of tobacco companies thirty years ago.

10. Be inspired to learn more about what goes into the food you consume and how you can make healthier decisions.

Check out the trailer below and purchase your tickets at the Farmington Civic Theater, Costick Center, or online at the festival web site.

10 Good Reasons to See ERNEST & CELESTINE at the 2015 Greater Farmington Film Festival (and it’s FREE!)

ernest_thumb1Yes, you’ll want to see ALL the films at the 2015 Greater Farmington Film Festival but here are 10 good reasons to see Ernest & Celestine on Saturday, March 7th, at 10:30 a.m. at the Farmington Civic Theater.

1. Delight in the unlikely pairing of a bear and a mouse and what their friendship can teach us all.

2.  See an Oscar-nominated film. Ernest & Celestine was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film of the Year at the 2014 Academy Awards.

3. Hear the legendary screen actress Lauren Bacall in her final film. Bacall lends her distinctive husky voice to the character of The Grey One.

4. Watch the film and then go read the books. The film is based on books of the same name by the Belgian author and illustrator Gabrielle Vincent.

5.  Fall in love with the U.S. version and then go watch the original. Ernest & Celestine was first released in France in 2012.

6. See an animated film that is a trailblazer. Along with its twelve other awards and eleven nominations, Ernest and Celestine became the first animated film to win the 2013 Magritte Award for Best Film.

7. Experience a film that fills you with warmth. Film critic Glenn Kenny of MSN calls Ernest and Celestine  “the coziest movie you’ll likely see all year. Every frame is suffused with a fireplace kind of warmth that, for me at least, cast an immediate spell that didn’t let up.”

8. Hear a film that is filled with an all-star cast. Along with Bacall, other talented actors and actresses to lend their voices to the U.S. version include Forest Whitaker, Mackenzie Foy, Megan Mulally, Nick Offerman, William H. Macy, Paul Giamatti, and Jeffrey Wright.

9. See for yourself why Ernest & Celestine has received such wide acclaim. Rotten Tomatoes, the film review aggregator, reported that 98% of critics gave the film a “fresh” rating, and called it a film that is “[s]weet and visually charming.”

10. If you are an adult, be just as charmed by the lovely and well-crafted animations as the children in the audience.  Ernest & Celestine is brought to you by the same creators of the 2004 Oscar-nominated film The Triplets of Belleville.

Along with Ernest & Celestine, we will be presenting a selection of student films entered into the PTA Reflections program.

Check out the trailer below and join us. The film is FREE!


10 Good Reasons to See ALIVE INSIDE at the 2015 Greater Farmington Film Festival

01_ALIVE INSIDE_Photo Courtesy of BOND360

Yes, you’ll want to see ALL the films at the 2015 Greater Farmington Film Festival but here are 10 good reasons to see Alive Inside on Friday, March 6th, at 9:00 pm at the Farmington Civic Theater.

1. See the film that won the Audience Award for a documentary at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

2. Learn more about Dan Cohen, the founder of the nonprofit organization Music & Memory, and the many ways he is helping individuals fight memory loss.

3. Catch the illuminating interview with the best-selling author and neurologist Oliver Sacks as he weighs in on the link between music and memory.

4. Want more Bobby McFerrin after seeing Crescendo? Mr. McFerrin proves yet again his commitment to the power of music having a positive effect on the mind. In 2009, McFerrin served as the co-host of The Music Instinct, a two-hour award-winning documentary produced by PBS and based on Daniel Levitin’s best-selling book This Is Your Brain on Music.

5. See the film that won the Best Documentary award at the 2014 Milano International Film Festival Awards.

6. See for yourself why The Hollywood Reporter called Alive Inside, “A gloriously inspirational film documenting music’s healing power in Alzheimer patients.”

7. Be amazed by the transformations that the patients featured in the film undergo, moving from silence and immobility to singing and dancing with their favorite music.

8. Enjoy the wonderful music featured in the film, from gospel to classical and rock, and reflect on what the soundtrack of your youth would be.

9. Be moved by the sense of hope the documentary inspires and by what Steve Greene of Indiewire in his review best expressed by saying that Alive Inside “provides a sense of idealism amid bleak situations.”

10. Learn how you can help fight the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s on patients and their families. The makers of Alive Inside have created The Alive Inside Outreach Campaign, which creates educational materials and short films to inspire young people to bring music to seniors. To read more about the campaign and to contribute, please see the donation page at http://www.aliveinside.us/#donate

Check out the trailer below and purchase your tickets at the Farmington Civic Theater, Costick Center, or online at the festival web site.