Yes, We’re up to Something

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted anything new here but that doesn’t mean all is quiet with kickstART farmington. These are some of the things we’ve done or are currently working on:

1. If you were at the Founder’s Festival last month you might have noticed some chalk art along Grand River. Some kickstARTers were out chalking up the downtown with art and poetry.

2. Greater Farmington Film Festival: Expect some big news about this very soon! The opening night films will be at the Smith Theater at Oakland Community College next March and … we’ll share the following in a whisper … it’s likely the other films will be screened at your favorite theater in downtown Farmington! By the way, you can support the festival and make it a great success by contributing to our fundraising campaign here: Thank you for your support!

3.  We’ll be hosting a couple of open houses for the community to discuss the role of the arts in Farmington and Farmington Hills and to share a survey we’re doing to assess the state of the arts. More information on this coming soon and we hope you’ll be able to join us.

4. Our monthly reading series, Wednesday Night Sessions, kicks off its fall season on August 28th at 7 pm at Mentobe Cafe in downtown Farmington. The writers Alissa Nutting, Ken Meisel, and John Rybicki will be with us for the opening night and you will not want to miss them!chalk


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