10 Good Reasons to See WADJDA at the Greater Farmington Film Festival

Wadjda posterYes, you’ll want to see ALL the films at the Greater Farmington Film Festival but here are 10 good reasons to see WADJDA on Friday night, March 7th, at 7:15 pm at the Farmington Civic Theater.

1)  WADJDA perfectly fits the festival theme of good films for a better world!   “It’s always fascinating to discover what can make us happy, both as moviegoers and citizens of the world. WADJDA does the trick … funny and touching in equal measure.”– Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal 

2)  You’ll fall in love with the Chuck Taylor-wearing rebel with a cause, 12-year-old Waad Mohammed in her breakout role as Wadjda.  Reportedly, she was one of the last Saudi girls to audition for the part.

3)  Witness film history in the making by enjoying the first feature film shot entirely in Saudi Arabia and from a female writer/director, Haifaa Al Mansour.  Learn more about her struggles, her vision, and her process in this Weekend Edition interview.

4)  Come see what Jon Stewart calls “a lovely, wonderful film”.  Watch Stewart’s interview with director, Al Mansour.

5)  WADJDA made many “Top 10” lists for 2013, including The Guardian Top 10 list: “WADJDA is a funny, romantic story hiding its political edge … (and) is a film about working for change under the radar, with small victories.”

6)  And yet, WADJDA didn’t make it to the Oscars last night, which disappointed many film critics.  “The biggest surprise omission has to be Saudi Arabia’s “Wadjda”, a film many thought might go the distance and win the Oscar.”– Kristopher Tapley, Hitfix.com

7) Your opportunities to see WADJDA in Michigan were very limited so don’t miss this unique opportunity to see it on the big screen!

8) Come celebrate women, their stories and struggles as part of Women’s History Month.

9) WADJDA provides a rare opportunity to experience the views and sounds of Saudi life and culture, along with its neighborhoods, schools, and communities.

10) Come see if Wadjda gets her bike!

View the trailer below and then order tickets for WADJDA at the Greater Farmington Film Festival site or at the Farmington Civic Theater.

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