Creating a Vibrant Arts Scene in Farmington/Farmington Hills: On the Need for a Cool, Hip, Café

As we’ve considered what missing from the arts scene in Farmington/Farmington Hills to make it more vibrant we wrote about the need for a performing arts center to be built in downtown Farmington, along with the need for some alternative cinema options. Today we’ll consider the need for a cool, hip, café that supports the arts.

Every community needs a great gathering spot for its creative community and those who appreciate the arts. Since the closing of Mentobe Café in downtown Farmington that has been missing.

Trick Dog Gallery and Cafe
A vibrant arts scene needs a local cafe that supports the arts like the cool Trick Dog Gallery and Cafe in Elberta.

The owners at Mentobe Café were great supporters of the arts in our community, exhibiting new work by area artists on a monthly basis, hosting kickstART farmington‘s monthly reading series (Wednesday Night Sessions presented great writers from around Michigan and the Midwest), and also holding regular open mic nights, along with musical performances on the weekend.

With the closing of Mentobe last fall we have a void in the arts community. That void has been partially filled by Off the Beaten Path Bookstore and owner Salathiel Palland hosts some cool and fun events at the store.

There’s also some possibility for the not-yet-open Farmington Brewing Company (conveniently located in the old Mentobe Café space) to play a role here as artists, creatives, and art lovers have been known to commune around a pint or two.

Hopefully, another café or bar will open around town and embrace & support the diversity of the arts in our community, providing a new venue for our artists and writers to showcase their work.

Do you know of any other shops/bars/café’s around the community that are supportive of the arts?



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