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Creating a Vibrant Arts Scene in Farmington/Farmington Hills: On the Need for an Art Gallery (or two)

As we’ve considered what missing from the arts scene in Farmington/Farmington Hills to make it more vibrant we wrote about the need for a performing arts center to be built in downtown Farmington, along with the need for some alternative cinema options and a cool, hip, café that supports the arts. Now we consider this question: Who will open a dynamic gallery space in the community?

Art Gallery
To support a vibrant arts scene we need art galleries like this in our community.

Our community has many fantastic artists, witness the talented members of the Farmington Art Foundation, the high school students who participated in the recent Farmington Schools Student Art Awards and exhibited at the Festival of the Arts, faculty and students in the art programs at Oakland Community College, along with other sculptors, photographers, and designers at work in the Farmington/Hills area.

We need a new gallery space (or, ideally, several galleries) to open that regularly exhibit work by the best artists in our community, along with providing an opportunity for the public to interact with work by other unique artists from across the state and country, and even from around the world. As a complement to the excellent, and perhaps under-appreciated City Gallery at the Costick Center, it should be open on Saturdays and host regular weekend and evening events.

Old Winery
The Old Winery building on Grand River could be a good home for a new art gallery

There are many great locations around the community that could serve as a gallery space, including some cool spots in the Old Winery building.

Who is up for the challenge? Any prospective gallery owners out there?


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