DWNTWN 2014: An Interview with Austin Godwin

Austin Godwin is the force behind the upcoming DWNTWN 2014 concert DWNTWN 2014taking place in Riley Park this Saturday night, June 21st, at 7:00 pm. This is the second year for this event and hopefully it will be around for many more.

Austin was kind enough to answer a few questions.

What is DWNTWN 2014?

DWNTWN 2014 is a small event that helps showcase local artists in the Downtown Farmington area.  The event started last year to try and spice things up in Downtown Farmington and get more youth representation.  I had been to swing dancing nights and attended Rhythmz in Riley Park, but I wanted to put on a new type of event that showcased mostly electronic dance music, like DEMF.  So with that, myself and a few friends and family members started planning for the first DWNTWN. Right now we’re in our second year of the event and couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out.

IMG_7543How would you describe each of the performers for this year?

This year we have The Stoics, MoonChild, and myself (Crys Cloud) playing. The Stoics are an indie band that have so much life in their performance.  The band is made up of Chris Gikas, Mike Higgins, and Patrick Ray – all of them have a strong stage presence and get the crowd involved and hyped up.  Plus, their music is top notch.  MoonChild (Charlie McNeece) is an electronic music producer and good friend of mine.  The music that he produces ranges from Moombahton to House to Drum and Bass.  Every one of his productions puts other producers to shame.  His set last year was wild – he got the crowd pumped up with balloons and glow sticks, while also jumping into the crowd and crowd surfing.  Lastly, I will be preforming under my alias Crys Cloud.  I make electronic dance music, and my set this year will be centered around getting the crowd to dance as much as possible!

Who is the intended audience?IMG_7535

There is no intended audience! Anyone and everyone is welcome!

What can audiences expect and how is it different from last year’s event?

The audience can expect a stage filled with speakers and lights.  We’ll be playing the favorites, the best, and the most hype songs out there.  We want to get this event as fun and involved as possible!  Last year had a smaller setup, but this year we’ve amped up the sound system a tad and hope to please the audience even more than last year.

IMG_7529Why do this event in downtown Farmington?

The event is in Downtown Farmington because I personally see it as my home.  I’m there quite a lot and it’s really an honor to put the event in a place so close to my heart.  The venue is perfect and I’m so happy the City Council is allowing us to have our second performance at in Downtown Farmington.

Will there be a DWNTWN 2015?

There is nothing official, but we would love to put on DWNTWN 2015.

How can someone learn more about the event?

To find out more info about the event, here’s the Facebook event. The event is open to anyone, and the information is included in there.

Thank you!

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