Voices From Around Town: Kerrie Moyer and K3 Creations Artworks

Farmington and Farmington Hills is home to many talented musicians, writers, craftspeople, and artists. Each week we will examine their work, process, and creations.

You might not recognize her name, but if you’ve spent any time in downtoSign for Farmington Brewerywn Farmington you’ve seen Kerrie Moyer’s work.

Leatherwork, metalsmithing, jewelry making and stained glass are just some of the mediums she creates in. Her pieces have a steampunk flair, but also cross into playful territory, like the custom Wonder Woman accessories she recently crafted for a client.

MirrorIn addition to displaying her jewelry, mirrors, and stained glass pieces at various art fairs, craft shows and businesses in Metro Detroit, she designed and created custom business signage for Off the Beaten Path Books on Grand River Avenue. Later this year her work will again be proudly displayed downtown at the soon-to-open Farmington Brewing Company.

In addition to creating custom pieces you’ll find in town, Kerrie teaches day Necklaceand evening classes at Merry Go Round Stained Glass in Clinton Township. The classes run every six weeks throughout the year with the next series of classes beginning in early July. Previously she has offered workshops at Off the Beaten Path Books.

Moyer started working in this medium about 10 years ago. Her favorite part? The tools! “I LOVE working with tools of all kinds, and stained glass has lots of tools. Added to that, stained glass has so many possibilities! I can manipulate and mix the various glass arts in literally endless combinations! Lastly (and this is the best part of all) glass is colorful and sparkly!”

Sign for Off the Beaten PathWhile the Farmington Brewing Company sign is a work in progress, Moyer is always looking for the next challenge. You can view more of her work at Off the Beaten Path Books, or follow K3 Creations Artworks on Facebook.

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