10 Good Reasons To See 1,000 TIMES GOOD NIGHT at the 2015 Greater Farmington Film Festival

A_Thousand_Times_Good_Night_posterYes, you’ll want to see ALL the films at the 2015 Greater Farmington Film Festival but here are 10 good reasons to see 1000 Times Good Night on Saturday, March 7th, at 9:00 pm at the Farmington Civic Theater.

1. Watch Juliette Binoche, the only winner of two European Film Awards for best actress, give one of the most heart-breaking and compelling performances of her career as Rebecca, a photojournalist torn between her career and her family.

2. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, it’s a chance to see the actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in a whole new way in his performance as Rebecca’s husband Marcus, struggling between his love for his wife and protecting his family.

3. See for yourself why 1,000 Times Good Night is an award-winning movie. It won the Special Grand Prix of the jury at the 2013 Montreal Film Festival.

4. Marvel at the cinematography. The breathtaking principal photography was done by John Christian Rosenlund.

5. See why The Hollywood Reporter called the film an “affecting drama made more poignant by honest-feeling autobiographical elements.”

6. Watch the movie Variety described as being imbued with “enormous emotional resonance, brilliantly grounded by [the] leading lady.”

7. See how the fictional film reflects real-life situations. The director, Erik Poppe, infuses the film with autobiographical elements. Much of the film’s premise comes from his work as a photo journalist in the 1980s, covering conflicts in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.

8. Be captivated and awed by the war-zone still images. The photographs, which are an important element of the film, are provided by the photographers Marcus Bleasdale and Astrid Sehl.

9. Be enthralled by the quiet beauty of the movie’s settings. The film was mainly shot in Ireland and Morocco.

10. Reflect on the precarious role journalists face when covering important news stories around the world. As we witness more and more journalists being captured and killed in war zones and by terrorist groups, this film reminds us all of the important work that they do.

Check out the trailer below and purchase your tickets at the Farmington Civic Theater, Costick Center,  or online at the festival web site.

Presentation of 1000 Times Good Night is made possible by the generous support of David and Abigail Viane.

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