The Creative Life in Our Cities: A Conversation with Michelle Millman

We have many talented artists and creatives living and working in our Farmington/Farmington Hills community and our weekly interview series, sponsored by City Life Realty, will introduce you to some of them.

Today we feature dancer Michelle Millman.

When did you first start dancing?

At age four the doctor sent me to ballet school to correct my flat feet. Not only did I gain strength, but I fell in love with the beauty of movement, which I have pursued all my life. Now I am drawn to the landscape of emotion as expressed in Flamenco dance.

After years of study in dance, movement and sport, the joy of movement remains my constant life-giving source. It has led me down so many paths of discovery . . . culture, literature, history, movement science, travel and friendship.  I see now that dance has been my very essences, my connection to the world.

My mission is to continue to explore movement and to share it with others by performing and teaching. 

I fell in love with the beauty of movement, which I have pursued all my life. Now I am drawn to the landscape of emotion as expressed in Flamenco dance.

Did you receive formal training?

I received a B.S. Degree in Education from the University of Michigan, and an M.F.A. in Dance from the School of the Arts, New York University. I have attended many workshops, master classes and seminars, notably Spanish American Dance Festival in Chicago and Adult Theatre Camp in Stratford, Canada. I currently study Tai Chi. I enjoy learning.

Are you a member of any local or regional arts groups?

I organize, perform and teach a performing group, Companeros de Flamenco. We perform the vibrant Spanish Art, Flamenco. We are listed in the Touring Directory of the Michigan Arts and Humanities Council. We perform around the state. Last year we performed at many community events, including Cromaine Library Second Sunday Series in Hartland, International Festival of Holland, Multicultural Music & Dance Concert in Livonia, Canton’s 2018 International Festival, Willard Library in Battle Creek, and Huron Valley Council for the Arts in Highland.

What do you think is missing from the arts community in Farmington/Hills?

I wish that Farmington Hills had an active and supportive arts community.  The last time my students performed at the Festival of the Arts at the Costick Center was April 2015. Occasionally we have performed in other Farmington events, however, there were budget cuts and dance was subsequently eliminated.

Why is celebrating and promoting art healthy for a local community?

I think the Arts brings vitality and beauty to a community.  It introduces us to new visions or perspectives, and it encourages involvement and communication.

Learn more about Michelle Millman here.

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