Game Theory & Aéroneufs: Jef Bourgeau at KickstART Gallery

A collection of new artwork by Jef Bourgeau is on view at the KickstART Gallery from June 1st through July 23rd.

The exhibition is sponsored by Artpack Services, Inc.

A reception with the artist will be held on June 16th from 5-8 pm.

“As an early innovator in digital art, Bourgeau has explored the boundaries of constructed space while playing with the interaction of standard perception and art. By folding and spinning and crushing, his most recent work interrupts familiar art tropes and invites the viewer to untangle that history.” – Jan van der Marck

​Jef Bourgeau’s art has exhibited in galleries in London, Amsterdam, Seattle, San Francisco, New York, New Mexico, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Berlin, Beijing, and Austria. His work has shown in museums in Boston, Houston, Columbus, Detroit, San Jose, Cleveland, Portland, Honolulu, Mumbai, Roubaix, Vienna, and Tokyo. It has been written about in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Art in America, the Village Voice, Art News, Flash Art, Reason, the Art Newspaper, Tema Celeste and Vanity Fair. His work has also been discussed and cited in several books, including Visual Shock by Michael Kammen (winner of the Pulitzer Prize), Cultural Policy by Toby Miller and George Yudice, and The Artist’s Quest for Inspiration by Peggy Hadden.

​”Jef Bourgeau’s cybered-up trompe l’oeil prints regenerate abstract art’s DNA into a sort of fizzy vertigo mixed with a feckless reverie.” – Jerry Saltz, Pulitzer Prizewinning Art Critic

 “Bourgeau’s new body of work is both original and elaborate in form and color as if at the hand of a reborn Picabia, of a sort of Cubism freshly discovered after a century of modern art, but bearing newfound gestural expression while utilizing hi-tech pixelations, making them uniquely intelligent and emotional creations well beyond any possible other.” Lucio Pozzi for The Art Newspaper

“Pushing creative evolution in a Darwinian manner, Jef Bourgeau has become the consummate Hunter-Gatherer in the wide world of art.” – Ted Lee Hadfield, KickstART Gallery Curator

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition in the video below.

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