Creating a Vibrant Arts Scene in Farmington/Farmington Hills: It’s Time for Some Foreign Films

Last week we wrote about the need for a performing arts center to be built in downtown Farmington to serve the Farmington/Farmington Hills community. Now we’ll consider the need for some alternative cinema options.

In Farmington/Hills we have two movie theaters: the Civic Theater downtown and the Dipson Theatre at West River Centre. The Dipson Theatre screens the typical Hollywood fare with few exceptions. The beautiful city-owned Farmington Civic Theater is a second-run theater, presenting films several weeks or months after the initial release, but at bargain admission prices. Other than occasional special events such as the screening of the Michigan Beer Film or the Greater Farmington Film Festival there is no regular program of documentary, independent, or foreign films at the Farmington Civic Theater (or any other venue in Farmington/Hills).


There are a few other venues in our community where you might find an occasional film screening: Oakland Community College, Farmington Community Library, the Holocaust Memorial Center, and some area churches.

But again, as noted above, there is no venue in Farmington/Hills that hosts a regular program of alternative (documentary, independent, foreign) cinema.

We are hoping to change that in the near future and will share information about it as soon as we have something lined up.

What do you think? Is there a need for a more diverse film experience in our community? Would you attend a regular series featuring documentary, independent, and foreign films?