kickstART Your Weekend With Some Good Reads: Creativity and Walking, Political Art, Active Design and Green Spaces

Our Friday update here at kickstART farmington highlights some communitygreat articles we’ve read this week dealing with art, creative placemaking, and building great communities. You’re sure to find some inspiration to make your life and our community even better!

1. Go for a walk and get creativePeople generate more creative ideas when they walk than when they sit, according to a new study.

2. Is all art political?We must remember that art is always set in a social context and is never just art.

3. 4 Award-Winning Examples of “Active Design”There’s a growing body of evidence that really proves that the spaces where we live and the design of the communities we live in has a direct impact on our health.

4. The Benefits of Green Spaces and Trees in Our Cities and TownsNature and green spaces contribute directly to public health by reducing stress and mental disorders, increasing the effect of physical activity, reducing health inequalities, and increasing perception of life quality.

5. In the short video below, conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim offers his advice on how to listen to music and suggests that music can be useful for personal growth.

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