10 Good Reasons to See ALIVE INSIDE at the 2015 Greater Farmington Film Festival

01_ALIVE INSIDE_Photo Courtesy of BOND360

Yes, you’ll want to see ALL the films at the 2015 Greater Farmington Film Festival but here are 10 good reasons to see Alive Inside on Friday, March 6th, at 9:00 pm at the Farmington Civic Theater.

1. See the film that won the Audience Award for a documentary at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

2. Learn more about Dan Cohen, the founder of the nonprofit organization Music & Memory, and the many ways he is helping individuals fight memory loss.

3. Catch the illuminating interview with the best-selling author and neurologist Oliver Sacks as he weighs in on the link between music and memory.

4. Want more Bobby McFerrin after seeing Crescendo? Mr. McFerrin proves yet again his commitment to the power of music having a positive effect on the mind. In 2009, McFerrin served as the co-host of The Music Instinct, a two-hour award-winning documentary produced by PBS and based on Daniel Levitin’s best-selling book This Is Your Brain on Music.

5. See the film that won the Best Documentary award at the 2014 Milano International Film Festival Awards.

6. See for yourself why The Hollywood Reporter called Alive Inside, “A gloriously inspirational film documenting music’s healing power in Alzheimer patients.”

7. Be amazed by the transformations that the patients featured in the film undergo, moving from silence and immobility to singing and dancing with their favorite music.

8. Enjoy the wonderful music featured in the film, from gospel to classical and rock, and reflect on what the soundtrack of your youth would be.

9. Be moved by the sense of hope the documentary inspires and by what Steve Greene of Indiewire in his review best expressed by saying that Alive Inside “provides a sense of idealism amid bleak situations.”

10. Learn how you can help fight the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s on patients and their families. The makers of Alive Inside have created The Alive Inside Outreach Campaign, which creates educational materials and short films to inspire young people to bring music to seniors. To read more about the campaign and to contribute, please see the donation page at http://www.aliveinside.us/#donate

Check out the trailer below and purchase your tickets at the Farmington Civic Theater, Costick Center, or online at the festival web site.

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