The Creative Life in Our Cities: A Conversation with Cindy Carleton

We have many talented artists and creatives living and working in our Farmington/Farmington Hills community and our weekly interview series, sponsored by City Life Realty, will introduce you to some of them.

Today we feature painter Cindy Carleton, a member of the Farmington Area Arts Commission.

When did you first get started in the arts?

I was pretty young when I started drawing and painting.  I remember my Kindergarten teacher being a little confused when I blended my crayons when coloring.

Did you receive formal training in art?

I graduated from Wayne State with a BFA. While my concentration was in commercial art, it’s there that I really began to appreciate and dive into printmaking and painting.

Who has been a mentor to you along the way?

My father was a draftsman and really encouraged me to pursue a career in graphics. He was also very musical which made for many great memories in our home. Dad listened to and played Jazz and Polka music, brother’s played guitar – rock and metal, sister sang pop.

Are you a member of any local or regional arts groups?

The Farmington Area Arts Commission, Farmington Arts Council, DIA, and Adcraft.

Has your art appeared in any city programs or events, such as the Public Art Program at City Hall or Art on the Grand?

I have had pieces in the last series of the Public Art Program and currently have a solo show as part of the current program.

Can you share a favorite quote about art or life?

Somebody already used it, but I’ve always liked Picasso’s quote “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose is to give it away.” Then there’s always “Next to torture, art persuades fastest.”

What advice or suggestions do you have for younger artists?

Don’t lose your sense of wonder. Be open and opportunities will come.

What do you think is missing from the arts community in Farmington/Hills?

A permanent gallery space and opportunities to network.

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